Apartment Shopping with a Pup in Tow

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Consider An Urban Apartment Setting For Your Family

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You may have thought that suburban life would be best for the kids, but find yourself longing for an urban setting again. You’re not alone – there’s an increasing trend for people to leave the suburbs for city dwelling instead – or to suburbs that immediately ring the urban center. However, that trend mainly is among young adults who don’t yet have kids and older adults who are empty nesters. Consider the advantages of urban life for children and features to look for in family-friendly city apartments and neighborhoods. Read More»

How To Stay Warm In An Old Rental Apartment

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When you’re living at apartments for rent in your area, the property owners makes decisions about improving the property, including changes that would really help with your utility bills, like energy efficient windows, a new furnace, or better insulation. While you are waiting for upgrades to made to an older apartment, there are some things you can do to fight the cold– you don’t just have to grin and bear it. Read More»

Decorate Without Damage: Tips For Personalizing Your Apartment

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Renting an apartment means you have little responsibility when things break down. Usually, your part ends when you notify the owner of the property that a faucet or a furnace needs repaired. But renting also means there are limits on improvements that you can make, and if you’re an avid decorator or someone who’s stubborn about how the interior of their home should look, it can throw a real wrench into your plans. Read More»

5 Tips For A Long-Distance Apartment Hunt

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Have you received a job offer for a position hundreds or thousands of miles from where you currently live? Are you relocating because you’re getting married? Perhaps you just want a fresh start somewhere, and you need to find an apartment for rent in a faraway place. Finding an apartment is rarely easy, especially if you’re conducting a long distance search to find the perfect place. However, these tips will help you through the apartment hunting process, cutting down on the stress and worry of finding a place to live in an area that you’re unfamiliar with. Read More»