Apartment Shopping with a Pup in Tow

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Do You Have Bed Bugs? A Dog's Nose Never Lies

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Do you suspect you may have bed bugs, but aren’t sure? Some of the signs and symptoms of a bed bug infestation can mimic other things. The telltale blood spots on the sheets may come from tiny cuts you got from shaving your legs and didn’t realize it. They could also be a natural discoloration of the fabric. Any itching bites you get could come from any number of insects, and you may not have gotten them from your bed. Read More»

Storing Your Items Long-Term? Keep Them In Mint Condition With These Packing Tips

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Storing your items in a dedicated unit can be a great way to get everything ready for a move, particularly if you’re downsizing your living arrangements. But before you roll down the door on your unit for the time being, you should be sure that everything is protected from the dangers long-term storage can present. Protecting Fragile Items If you’re also planning to put away linens or clothes in your storage unit, you can kill two birds with one stone by using them to protect valuable glassware or other fragile items. Read More»

3 Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean And Tidy

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As you unpack your storage unit on moving day, it can be frustrating to sift through dirty items and damaged goods. However, you might not have to deal with unpleasant surprises when you are already stressed about other things. Here are three ways to keep your storage unit clean and tidy, so that you can enjoy your relocation: 1: Rent A Larger Unit If you are concerned about saving money for a down payment or footing the bill for that rental truck, you might not be too excited about the average $95-$155 per month that a typical 10x20 foot unit will cost you. Read More»

Trend: Security Officers Must Be Alert For Lone Wolf Attacks

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If you are tasked with hiring a security company for your business, you now need to think of more than just whether or not officers have the required clearances and certifications for employment. Unfortunately, in light of recent lone wolf terror attacks, you need to think actively about the company’s training policies for their officers. Today’s security climate calls for increased preparedness; after all, lone wolf attackers often hit “soft targets” Read More»