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3 Ways To Keep Your Storage Unit Clean And Tidy

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As you unpack your storage unit on moving day, it can be frustrating to sift through dirty items and damaged goods. However, you might not have to deal with unpleasant surprises when you are already stressed about other things. Here are three ways to keep your storage unit clean and tidy, so that you can enjoy your relocation:

1: Rent A Larger Unit

If you are concerned about saving money for a down payment or footing the bill for that rental truck, you might not be too excited about the average $95-$155 per month that a typical 10x20 foot unit will cost you. Since storage units are priced based on total square footage, you might be tempted to squeeze your things in as small of a space as possible. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to keep a tiny space clean and organized.

You might find yourself stacking boxes higher than you should, rummaging through packed totes to find things, or trying to cram fabric items between your larger furniture. However, by renting a larger unit, you might be able to fend off some of these problems. Here are a few ways that a larger unit can help you to keep things tidy:  

  • Walkways: Larger units allow you to create walkways inside of your space. Instead of having to climb over boxes or furniture to get to your stuff, you can strategically place your things where you can access them.
  • Taller Ceilings: If your storage facility is built with a pitched roof, a bigger unit might mean a taller ceiling. You can use this vertical space to hang bicycles or to mount vertical storage racks, so that you can keep things off of the floor.

Talk with your storage clerk about which storage unit size would be appropriate. They can walk you through different units so that you can gain a spatial idea of each size, so that you can keep your unit organized.

2: Check The Unit For Problems

You never know what will happen to your things while you are away, especially if you aren't around to check on them occasionally. If your storage unit has a problem that you don't notice when you move in, you might return to items that have been damaged by dirt or water. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by giving your storage space a good once-over before you fill it full of stuff. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Mud: As you shop for a storage unit, go into each potential space and check out the floor and walls. If you see signs of mud accumulation, water and dirt might be sliding in under the door. 
  • Ceiling Moisture Damage: Shine a flashlight on the ceiling to look for signs of mold or mildew. If you spot water stains, discoloration, or black patches, it could be a sign of previous moisture damage. 
  • Roll-Up Doors: If you want to see how airtight your roll-up door is, go into the unit during the middle of the day and close the door. If you see sunlight, it could mean that air, dust, and dirt can blow right into your space. 

If you notice any issues with your storage unit, notify the facility manager right away. They might be able to move you to a better part of the facility, or tell you what you need to do to keep your things clean and safe.

3: Drape Your Items

After you know that your items will fit into the space and that the unit is solid, you might be ready to drive away. However, you can keep your space even cleaner by protecting your items with a tarp, blanket, or plastic dust cover.

In addition to wrapping delicate items individually, you can drape your entire unit with the sheet of your choice. After the draping is placed, secure the edges with heavier objects. Although dust might collect on the surface of the tarp or blanket, it can be easily whisked away later, protecting your things from dirt, moisture, and bugs.  

Keeping your storage unit clean and organized might help you to fend off damage, so that you can keep unplanned expenses to a minimum.